An innovative Canadian Non Profit Organization attempting to tackle the difficult issue of the increasing rate of depression in our young adults. Empowered Futures offer self-empowerment workshops and business mentorships to help build more confident, emotionally intelligent, and resourceful adults.


The youth of today are the essential backbone and the foundation of our future. We are proud supporters of Empowered Futures, a Canadian-based, global charity that helps empower youth between the ages of 18-28 as they transition into their adolescence through 1-on-1 mentorship with professionals like you! Learn more about how you can support our youth and enrich their lives!

A personal letter from our Founder and CEO:

Alone, I am no one. This is something I remind myself about every, single, day. We are all beautiful humans. I elevate the human inside me, equally to within my business.

Prosperity comes in different forms. Wealth could be money, time, knowledge, health, forgiveness, empowerment, selflessness, and much more. Let's work together:

  • to genuinely care from the bottom of our hearts,
  • to spread our many banks of wealth,
  • to empower those around us,
  • to raise the human inside us, and
  • to be authentic.
  • Humbly,
  • Hiba Badran

  • Founder & CEO, GBCS Group
CEO Hiba Badran with community
CEO Hiba Badran with school children